Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ventosa to Azorfa

Tuesday ( today) I am awakened by classical music playing throughout the Albergue. wonderful! I set out at 7:50, it is still fairly dark, and I have only one regret: I did not say goodbye to Johanus ( he will walk farther than me today).

It is another beautiful and peaceful day, walking through vineyards with mountains surrounding me in the distance. I pass through Najera, a city of both old and new, I prefer the old. In only 4 hours, I come to Ventos where I will stop for the day (respecting the limits!). I stop at a cafe and am pleased to see Johanus, he passed me while I stopped at a market in Najera. I say goodbye to him as he walks on, but he is sure we will meet again.

I sit down to rest my feet and meet a couple from Germany, Willie and Gertrude. They have only two weeks holiday and will be stopping in Burgos ( they will return next year to finish). We have a nice chat for 20 minutes or so and I get up to leave after Willie has gone inside the cafe. Gertrude calls me back, Willie has ordered coffee for all three of us. I return and enjoy a cup of coffee with them. Willie has actually inspired me to learn Spanish when I return home. He taught himself English, not essential for his business, but for traveling on holidays.

Another very nice Albergue with a small pool for resting tired feet. Sally and Katie (from Oregon) are here as well. We are traveling separately, yet together. It´s quite nice.

Until next time...

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