Thursday, October 8, 2009

Santo Domingo-Burgos-Leon-Virgen del Camino

Thurs. a.m.: Pilgrims are waking early today. At least 28 bunks in the room and all are full. Someone is up at 6 a.m.. I think he has packed everything in plastic bags and goes through every one of them. There´s no way to do that quietly.

Catching the bus today at 9:15 ( 74km trip to Burgos) We have plenty of time for tea and a pastry, and still wait over an hour for the bus.

It seems a good day to be taking a transport- it starts raining as we board the bus. I´ve been fortunate with the weather so far. I´m sure cooler temps await me through the region of Galicia and possibly rain too. Another new experience!

It is a short 1 hour ride to Burgos. We plan to see some of the city ( mainly the cathedral) but the bus to Leon is in 35 minutes, so, it´s off to Leon. this is a rest day ( no walking) and I feel restless. I think it will be difficult, once home, not to walk at least an hour , maybe two each day.

Brom Burgos to Leon it is flat and very dry. We arrive in Leon around 3pm, and I persuade Sally and Katie to walk the 7km to Virgen del Camino. We stop for a quick bite to eat and arrive at our Albergue in only an hour of walking.

Here, I meet Franchesca, Susan, and Lolemita, all from Brazil. Franchesca calls me ¨Cherry¨. I repeat it for her 3 times, but ¨Cherry has stuck with her¨.

A 22km day tomorrow- we start climbing, I can´t wait!

Until next time...


  1. Dear Cherry,
    Okay just read your post from yesterday and am so wanting to do what you are doing. I'm feeling like I could use a pilgrimage. I had no idea that so many people do this sort of thing. Thank you for giving me a new dream. I miss you my friend.


  2. Yeah, Cherry is a nice name. Since you are going to be a new person after this, maybe that can be your new name. I was raised in the Catholic church, and the tradition was that when you got confirmed, you took on a new (additional) name. (My problem is I never got confirmed.) But there you go.

    I really look forward to your updates! Thanks for taking the time to post them.


  3. Hi Terri, I posted my message on the wrong day too. Pls look back a day or two! Still praying that you will discover what God wants you to experience and learn from your journey! Keep sharing, your'e the best my dear!!!