Thursday, October 1, 2009

More on thursday 1st

I´ve walked 5km since posting, and am staying in a very nice albergue, complete with washing machine. Still only one other pilgrim here, Johanas, from Germany.

My thoghts may ramble, so bear with me. I´d really like some sleep tonight, the albergue last night was by a church with bells going off ever 1/4 hour. I don´t think I would have slept anyway, haven´t yet adjusted to the time.

The walk after leaving my bike was much more enjoyable. Pierre, from Denmark, kept saying to me to relax, enjoy the Camino, don´t worry. As we walked today, he would periodically say ¨you´re Spain!¨ Tomorrow will be much easier to remember that without a bike to push up a mountain!

It´s not reaching the end (Compestela) but enjoying the journey. I´m not sure yet how leaving my bike will effect my walking, but I will enjoy the journey.

Until the next time...


  1. terri...i really love your outlook on this journey! something i need to take hold of back here as well! Keep us in your prayers...hitting some rough patches with Will...i miss being able to talk w. you but i just keep thinking..."what would terri say about this?..." so know that we are thinking about ya! we'll pray for an easier path for you to walk on! love ya. angela

  2. Terri, we love you,and know God will show you just what He wants you to discover. Thanks so much for letting us know what you are facing daily. Be strong and courageous. . . . Phill and Mevanee

  3. first blogging experience...only for you :) I'm glad God is putting kind, helpful people in your path....He's like that!!! You're in our prayers every day. Bill and I leave for georgia in a week- we'll give Andrew a hug for you. Love- Cheryl

  4. Hey, if you think about it, let us know what city or town you are in so we can follow you on Google Earth. Sounds like your starting to settle in! "You Spain!"