Friday, October 16, 2009

Triacestela to Sarria

I have a book that counts down the km for me and tells me how many km between each city/village.

Last night I made pasta for me and Terri (Australia), I´m exhausted and go to bed as soon as we finish dinner (9pm).

We have no deadline for being out of the Albergue today so I get up a little later and leave about 8:40. My feet are feeling pretty good-actually the rest of my body is too.. until we hit the first inclines. My legs are completely spent from yesterday´s climbing. I move at a snail´s pace!

Often, you have a choice (I´d rather not have one) as to which path you want to take. Usually, only 2 choices, you don´t make your own way through Spain- at least not until today! I missed a marker somewhere along the way and came to a T in the road. To the right, was Sarria, where I eventually need to be. I go right. It´s a nice road, quiet, fairly level, but no way markers and not a single person in sight. I decide that the road leads to Sarria and there´s no way that I am back tracking.

I wave down a car and ask if this is the Camino. I decipher his Spanish, and decide that if I stay on the road, I will end up where I need to be. About 3km later, someone emerges from the woods ( a pilgrim), crosses the road to a path. Perfect! I´m in the right place, and I think my way was much easier on my feet and knees. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, even though it was accidental.

I guess you could say I (inadvertantly) took the ¨road less traveled¨.

A new feeling today, probably from pushing the limits yesterday, I took off my pack and literally, felt like I was floating. No kidding!

I didn´t plan on walking all the way to Sarria today and I promise myself that I will make tomorrow a shorter day.

Until next time...


  1. Hi Ter, How can you pick out pilgrims from normal hikers?My friend spends a lot of time climbing and hiking in Spain.She is interested in following your pilgrimage.(Danuta).
    I'm proud of you for taking the "road less traveled".(even if it was accidental)!Now you know what it feels like even more.I pray to never forget taking this day by day journey with you,including your highs & lows!Hope your weekend is full of small miracles! Love you, Shalom...Judy

  2. We checked Sarria out on Google Earth. Looks like a quaint little town. If you tell us ahead of time where your next destination is, we can look ahead. Thanks for the posts. Glad you're not lost in Spain...


  3. Hi Terri,
    We did the Google Earth search. It's amazing to fly in over the village you are in tonight and look at the pictures posted! Glad you are safe. It's interesting how much fun it is to follow your blogs and comments from others who are also following your adventure! The power of words!
    Love, Mevanee