Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moleneseca to Casabelos

It´s dark this morning, moon shining brightly, as we leave the Albergue (7:50). It´s cold outside too, the first day I need to wear my gloves.

The walk to Ponferada (8km) goes quickly. The city is in a valley surrounded by mountains. As I begin the descent into the valley I witness the the distant mountains slowly being painted orange by the rising sun. Beautiful!

Once in the city center, we stop into a cafe for pastries and tea ( breakfast). We are warmed up again and continue on the day´s journey. It isn´t long before I am ahead of Sally and Katie. The walk, so far, has been fairly level so it goes quickly.

At 11:45 I am walking through Fuentes Nuevas and roosters are crowing as I am walking down a quiet road. I thought they did that at sunrise. I decide they must be teenage roosters!

In Componaraya I stop at a cash machine and then a market for a chocolate bar.Cash and chocolate, what more do you need?

It´s 12:30 and my feet are telling me that I need a break- I´m well out of town, and something tells me that further down the path there is a bench to sit, have lunch, rest my feet and write in my journal. Sure enough, 40 minutes later, there it is. It´s peaceful as I eat my lunch and a few pilgrims pass (some that I´have just met in the last couple of days).

I arrive at the Alberbue after 23km of walking, more than ready to stop for the day. The rooms are built in a semi-circle around the church- two beds per room. It was a nice surprise to come back from my shower and see Katie ( Austraila) as my bunk mate.
The Albergue has no kitchen, so it looks like we´ll be going out ( later than I like- nothing opens back up till seven).

I think it will be another chilly day tomorrow and much more climbing.

Until next time...


  1. Hi Cherry! What a phenomenal journey you are having. Again, thank you for sharing it with so many. I am sorry to hear about your falls but am so glad you are slowing down. We are always looking to the next thing and sometimes we miss the moment. I'm praying that it is not going to fast for you (although I know everyone misses you and wants to see you) I just want you to take deep breaths and enjoy the moments because each one is unique and we never have the same one (except for de ja vu) Embrace it all Cherry! I continue to lift you and yours up in prayer Love Ya Lisa

  2. Hi, Terri!
    Just wanted you to know that Steve and I have been following your journey, too. As a fellow distance-walker, Steve is rooting for you! I was wondering...how are you posting to your blog each day? Does every Albergue have internet? Are you carrying a laptop?

  3. Hi Ter- I picture in my mind every scenario that you share with us!(almost like being there.) Im grateful to you for taking time out of your precious day to remember us! Try giving each other foot massages-(or do it yourself) it will not only detox your mind & body it will cleanse your soul! So onward with your journey my dear, Shalom....Judy

  4. Good morning...thank you so very much for sharing w. all of us...we will be praying for warmer weather and a safe climb today!know that you are in our thoughts and prayers! take care- angela

  5. Hi Terri,
    Phill and I are enjoying our breaks reading about your walk, your fellow pilgrims, the pitfalls and mountain top views! So insightful and interesting! Thanks so much for sharing your walk with us!