Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday in Santiago- Finisterre

It´s rainy ( again) dismal, and dark at 8:30am. I´m looking over the map of Santiago and notice the bus station. Tour buses don´t run to Finisterre on Saturday, but maybe the regular bus does. I check with the concierge, and sure enough, they do ( much cheaper too). I grab my camera, water bottle, leftover pizza from last night and catch a city bus out to the bus staion. By 10am. I´m on my way to Finisterre.

I meet Maria (Austria) on the bus, and we grab some tea and then I follow her to the Ligthouse at Finisterre. We are together only a short time, her foot is slow. I walk on ahead of her in the fog, wind and spitting rain.

A car slows just to tell me I´m heading in the right direction. Some others are returning from the lighthouse and tell me I´m only 10 minutes away. Another car slows down, window rolled down, it´s Ron (Florida). He´s looking for the lighthouse too. I get in his rental car (out of the rain) and we find the lighthouse just a few minutes down the road.

It´s a bit disappointing, it´s so foggy you can´t even see the ocean. We go inside and look at pictures and get an idea of how beautiful the spot is in clear weather.

Ron is heading up the coast a bit further (to Muxia) so I go along with him. This is supposed to be where St. James landed by boat. We stop in for soup at a cafe, but never find exactly what he was looking for. We had a great talk on the way back to Santiago about what the Camino meant to us, he also shares a little more with me about his son who died in May. I was glad to meet up with him again. He dropped me back at my hotel about the same time the bus would have been leaving Finisterre- now I have time to hook back up with Sally and Katie, maybe for dinner tonight. Just when I thought my Camino was over, another experience. It turned out being a pleasant day, even with all the rain and fog.

I catch my train to Madrid tomorrow- looking forward to being home...



  1. Terri--not sure if you'll get this before you get home or not...but so glad all went so well for you! It seems hard to believe that a month went by so very fast! looking forward to our tea! take care- angela

  2. Hi Ter,
    Happy to have you home soon.I absolutely love lighthouses!!(how cool) I'm so glad that God surprised you with such a special encounter.I know that Ron(Fla.)was blessed as well. Enjoy your evening with the girls!.We'll be waiting for you with open arms! P.S. I really feel that
    God chose you especially for a time such as this!
    Love you..Shalom, JF