Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aviana to Logrono

It´s a very enjoyable day exploring Aviana. I also enjoy a two hour cup of tea with Sally ( Oregon). We have so much in common and can´t believe our paths have crossed, we even fly out of Madrid on the same day.

Closer to evening time I meet Libby and Gary from Austraila. They invite me to join them for dinner after they go to Mass. (8pm). Much too late for me since I´ve only had a granola bar, small crossiant and a few almonds all day. If you don´t arrive in the small villages at the right time your´re out of luck as far as finding food.
I will be packing salami and cheese from the market from now on to eat along the way.

The Albergue in Aviana has dorm rooms with 3 tier bunks, luckily I am early and get a bottom bunk. This is the first night of sharing a room with those who snore. 7 women and 5 men. I picked out 3 different snorers ( if that´s a word). Unfortunately I couldn´t find my ear plugs.

SUnday morning: At 6:30 am a bell rings and shortly after we are seranaded by a goup of about 40 singers. Absolutely beautiful voices. They sing just for the pilgrims. I don´t recognize the melody, but the music is very moving. What a way to wake up on a Sunday morning! I wish they would stay longer, but they move on to the next Albergue.

I leave Aviana about 8 am after filling up my water at the fountain. It is again a beautiful, cool morning, very peaceful.

Not too far down the path I hear footsteps getting closer,a pilgrim I have not met before, Alejandro. He is a pilot from Spàin but lives now in London. We walk together all the way to Longrono and cover a variety of topics: God, creation, evolution, life after death, happiness. The time passes very quickly, especially for him since this is his last 10km. He is sad about having to go back to London.

Arriving In Longrono, I walk all the way through the city and realize I have gone too far. I back track, which is very difficult to do. An older spanish couple notice that I am perplexed and I manage to tell them with my limited Spanish that I want to sleep in Longrono tonight. They walk me (15 min) back through the city and take me right to the Albergue. Francisco and his wife, a very sweet couple.

After getting my bunk, Pierre walks into the room. A nice surprise to see him again, since he was so helpful to me on my first day.

Enjoying the pilgrimage more and more every day, I am learning to slow down, listen to my body (which my feet greatly appreciate) and live completely in the moment.

Until next time..


  1. Hey, I posted my comment on the wrong day. Go back to Saturday and read. Sorry, BeBe

  2. enjoy it Terri---you are really teaching us all back here some very valuable lessons as well! love ya- angela

  3. Terri, thank you so much for your posts. It's great to read what you are doing and learning. It's fun to read about the people you are meeting as well. Wine from a tap...that is a new one on me!