Sunday, October 11, 2009

Astorga to Rabanal and a few stumbles

Pizza again last night (sat) for dinnner, this time I remember to bring it along for my lunch. The Albergue´s each have a closing time in the morning, anywhere from 7:30 to 9 in the morning. Most are by 8.

I meet Franchesca, Susan and Semolita (I refer to them now as the 3 amigas)in the kitchen this morining, they are about to leave and I am having tea, it´s 7am. Franchesca continues her dialogue with me as if I understand everything she says. I always pass them on the way each morning even though they leave an hour before me.

Ít´s another beautiful day walking. I´ts Sunday, so I spend much of the time walking thinking about all the ways to worship God (Not just meeting in a church building).

The walk is most enjoyable and I´m wondering what it is I am to learn today-maybe, just to enjoy the day!

I walk 3 hours and have told myself that I must stop and eat, but have not found a good place yet. I also still have this mentality that if I stop, people will pass me ( I don´t know why that matters ). Finally I find a spot under some pine trees-nice and cool. Twenty minutes later I´m on my way again. I soon see a sign for Rabanal that says 2.2km. It´s the steepest climb of the day, very rocky. My legs are tired, and I´m careful with my steps, but catch the corner of a few rocks with my boot. One too many, and I go down. It´s steep, so I catch myself and don´t fall too far.

The rocks taper off, but now there are tree roots everywhere, and some hidden by brush growing in the path- I stumble again and think I have slowed my pace, but not enough. Again, I catch my boot on a hidden stump and go down hard and fast with the weight of my pack. I cannot move. Two pilgrims rush to my aide- one ahead of me comes running back, and one behind me runs as well. It takes both of them to get me on my feet again. They don´t speak English, but I think I convey that I am fine, only a few broken blood vessels in my hand.

So, my lesson for the day has come, but it takes two spills for me to get it!
We think that we determine our pace, but sometimes the path determines it for us. I thought I was moving slowly and carefully enough. Even after stumbling a few times I slowed down even more, not enough ,I guess.

So, for tomorrow, ( this will be a challenge) I have decided to follow Sally and Katie. They usually come into town about 1 1/2 to 2 hours after me. We´ll see what the day brings! I wonder how much more enjoyable life would be if we would just slow down from time to time.

Until next time...


  1. terri---i truly hope your walk tomorrow will be a slow one...remember when we were in mexico and canooing...take your the end you end up at the same place...i look forward to hearing about your "slow down"...who knows maybe we can get back in a canoo together :) know me i'll have us just going in circles so we'll definitely being going slow! Know that i love you and miss you!

  2. Terri, I was walking/praying early yesterday morning. Since it's always dark when I walk, I'm more focused on listening for things. It was an overcast, therefore extremely dark night. I had just finished praying for you when I thought I heard something strange. It sounded like kids playing swords with two hard sticks. It stopped. Nothing. So I started walking again more slowly this time. Heard it. I stopped again. Nothing. This time I sat for a long time and finally, there it was again. This time I realized it was two bucks in the rut fighting just out of my eyesight! Very cool.

    As I started toward home I wondered what you must be experiencing on your walk in Spain at that moment. As strange as it seems I actually wondered about the climbs you were starting and how terrible it would be if you fell and hurt yourself to the point you would have to stop. I prayed that you would not hurt yourself. I guess I should have prayed that you would avoid falling altogether! I'm a little dull at times. I'm sorry to hear about your falls, but I'm glad to hear they didn't result in serious injury. A lot of people are praying for you, but be careful. We all want to see you reach your goal in one piece. Hasta la vista...


  3. I am so glad that you were able to continue, and from what you say, weren't hurt too bad.

    It sounds like you started the day with the intention to just enjoy the day!

    I hope tomorrow will give you a chance to catch up on the enjoyment, even if it's at a much slower pace than you're used to!

    I can only imagine the experience you are having right this moment! Embrace and enjoy!!! -alexis

  4. matt and i just got a good laugh about you not wanting people to pass you. :) i was going to say, it's a pilgrimage, not a race! but you already learned that by the end of your post! miss you! hope you continue to have an amazing time! :)

  5. Terri, I think I can relate to you in a small way in being somewhat competitve! It's good when it's required, but not so good when unnecessary.(hard to keep it balanced). So just trust God, and go after the peace that only He can give you. He is surely with you every step of the way! What an act of worship ,you are giving to him everyday. Don't stop, but savor every moment!!! Wish I was with you-Love ya, Judy

  6. Terri- had to catch up on your posts from the last few days. Missing you and absolutely LOVING watching God's faithfulness to you on your journey!

  7. Hey, Cherry. Glad to hear you are ok. I think of you everyday and smile at the thought of your adventure!

    Hope today went well.