Monday, October 19, 2009

Palas de Rei to Ribadiso

I rested all afternoon yesterday and evening so my ankle/tendon feels fine today.

I walk out of the city with Carlos (Germany). We walk about 30 minutes together and he wants to take it slow today, so I walk on ahead of him, not going much faster.

I heard Marriane and Annaliegh (South Africa) talking this morning about transporting their packs on ahead, and walking without them. It sounded tempting, but somehow, I felt it would be cheating (for me). I´ve walked this far with my pack, I might as well finish the last 3-4 days with it as well.

I stop in Melide at a local supermarket (pasta sauce) and pharmacy (more ibuprofen, just in case). I also stop in at an internet cafe, that is for pilgrims (the first like it that I´ve seen) to check the weather for the next few days. Unfortunately, none of the small villages are recognized by , oh well.

I get to Ribadiso about 3pm, and stay at an Albergue that is located in a scenic spot by the river ( A converted pilgrim hospital). The walls are made of stone, the showers open air, which makes it a little breezy now that the wind has picked up. It´s definately going to rain. I was planning to make pasta tonight, but the kitchen looks ancient. It may be dinner at the bar, just steps away from the Albergue.

When I was reading on-line, preparing for this trip,it was mentioned several times that a walking stick was a good idea, for stability, but also for keeping dogs at a distance. Interestingly enough, I´ve passed numerous dogs, most German Shepherds, and haven´t felt threatened by any of them. I think it´s the cows you have to worry about!

23km today, I didn´t plan on walking that many (again). Tomorrow, though, 10 or less.

Until next time...


  1. Terri---ok i'm really missing you today!...i miss our morning seems so strange to hear you talk about finishing this much as i miss you...i've so enjoyed listening to your journey and seeing how your heart is being affected. This truly has been good for all of us! love ya- angela

  2. Terri - sorry I have been off the radar screen - too many "to do" burdens! Your posts have gotten so much more descriptive! I can almost see the sunrise over the mountains and feel that cow coming at you! I like your backpack-burden analogy. We'll have to explore that topic further when I see you. I am looking forward to more on why folks take the journey - do you talk about it with each other? I am looking forward to hearing about and seeing pictures of all that you have experienced! I am praying for you and thinking about you everyday! God bless on the last 100k! Love you, Shelly