Saturday, October 10, 2009

Orbigo to Astorga

Dinner Friday night is a vegetable pizza for me ( absolutely wonderful). I only wish I would have remembered to get the leftovers out of the frig. this morning, it was going to be my lunch on the way to Astorga.

We leave Orbigo at 7:45. It is a 17km walk to Astorga. We talk of the last (almost) two weeks and all of the climbing challenges we have faced. We discover that the difficult and most challenging obstacles in our walk (life) are often the times of the fewest mis-steps. Your walking must be so careful, calculated, deliberate and with such concentration that you usually don´t stumlbe during these climbs. It´s the even, mundane simple roads with little challlenge that often take you off guard. You step in a hole, stumble on an unseen stone, or trip on slightly raised pavement.
We sometimes groan at the challenge ahead, yet are more careful in our walking, our choices. Maybe in some ways, safer.

I walk a portion of the way today with Bonnie, ( Canada) she now lives in Spain. She has waited 30 years to do her pilgrimage! Wow, I can´t imagine waiting that long.

I arrive in Astorga early 11;40, plenty of time to look around and stock up on food for the next two days. Sunday and Monday ( a holiday) will be difficult finding open stores.

Until next time...


  1. terri...what you are saying is so does seem like the times when you really do have to concentrate on what and where you are going are the more difficult times...but yet the more rewarding times...the times i think its smooth sailing are the times im met with the most difficult suprises! you need to write a book---that'll be your next big accomplishment! continue to be safe and secure with you- angela

  2. Cherry, now that is a cute name. When you said in a previous post that you had to leave by 7:15 AM is that because the place closes or did you mean something else? Just curious. I am glad that God sees time with us as 24/7 - I would hate to think that he thought of me once in the morning and then not again until the next day, or even worse a few days later. God helps us to think of you and your ways every moment of every day! Thanks for the encouragement Terri and the thoughts about taking each moment as it comes. I've been trying to slow down and enjoy life and not rush so much. Looking forward to seeing your face, Cheery. Love ya, Shelly

  3. Terri- (when we fix our eyes carefully because we know the danger. . .) the common times lull us, and then we stunble or trip. Great insights given to you by God. We are with you in Spirit and are so thankful for your posts. Walk well,

  4. 'the most challenging obstacles in our walk (life) are often the times of the fewest mis-steps.'

    This has made me think a lot. It is so much easier to be careless and absentminded when things aren't challenging. When there is an obvious challenge ahead-like tough terrain-it's easy to see that we HAVE to stay focused, ya know? And because of being more cautious, there would be less mis-steps. But times of 'normalcy' often are very easy to become lacksidaysicle and not pay attention to the huge gorge you are about to step into.

    This year has been a year of learning to pay attention to the terrain no matter where you're at. You're post just helped clarify it in my mind even more.

    Thank you for sharing it. Be safe along the journey -alexis