Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Answering some questions

Wed. p.m.: A few of you have asked about my time with God while here. It´s quite different from what some may consider ¨time with God¨. I´d say it´s very much öutside the box¨. For example, I didn´t bring a Bible..( I know some of you are gasping for breath :)). I love the Bible, and love reading it, however, I feel I have been with God every day- all day. Or, maybe it´s better to say God has been with me.

Today I was actually thinking about this very thing, how Enoch walked God, and Adam too, in the garden, walked with God.I see it much like a parent walking down a long deserted road with a oung child, holding his hand. That´s how I felt today. It was a long gravel road, only me, hills on both sides, and God walking with me; walking hand in hand. I started to sing ( I don´t remember the song now) but I couldn´t finish, tears were running down my face. I was just enjoying the beauty God had created, and enjoying it with him by my side. So, times with God are pretty amazing! I think I do more listening ( easy for me to do) than anything else. I want to hear what God has to teach me through this pilgrimage.

My roommate from last night, Lynn, says people are never the same after doing the Camino, it changes you. I think she is right. :)

Tomorrow is a bus ride to Burgos and another tomorrow evening to Leon. I will cover a lot of ground by bus, mostly flat, dry ( many say boring) land.

Until next time...


  1. Dear Terri - I appreciate you sharing about your times with God. Taking large chucks of uninterrupted time to think about God and listen to Him are so valuable and enriching! I was walking a few miles yesterday (OK two miles) and thinking about you and your Pilgrimage and how great it must be to have such long times of quite and beauty! It's also nice to have fun times with so many different kinds of people, too. And that multi-lingual dinner party you described sounds amazing! Also, I would love to hear more about what God is teaching you through your pilgrimage. I, too, love the saying "seeing less is sometime seeing more." I miss you! I'll keep praying for you. Love ya, Shelly

    PS Thanks the Lord for ear plugs!!!

  2. Thanks again for the great posts Terri. Thanks for sharing about your time with the Lord. I can't really imagine what all that time must feel like, things being so busy and hectic in our lives 24/7. It must be wonderful to slow down and really think and pray about things. I think we'd have fewer problems and issues if we all could do that more often...


  3. this is the first one I've read so far...and I'm way excited! It is a beautiful thing that you are experiencing God with you every day!!! I always seemed to have the most clarity of God while I was traveling by myself somewhere! It's an adventure to see who He wants you to encounter and embrace along the way!!! :)

    My jealousy of your travels abounds, yet I am eager and excited to read more!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!!! I look forward to reading more! :) -alexis

  4. Hello my Sister, I am sorry that you forgot your lunch:0( You must stay healthy, physically, as well as spiritually.(which you never had a problem with!)We are happy for you, that God has chosen you to take this journey. He knew that He could count on you. We are here for you too! Prayerfully,Judy