Monday, October 12, 2009

Rabanal to Molinaseca

Thank you for your many comments and good wishes. No falls today, however I met bob from Canada who took a fall and another woman left in a taxi (as we were resting in a small town) to her next Albergue ( because of a fall).

We left this morning early since it was going to be a long day (7:30) It´s another beautiful day, clear blue sky, no clouds. I have slowed my pace today, and I guess you could say I´m so far behing Sally and Katie, that I´m ahead of them. :)

The path narrows in places for only one person to travel ( this is where Bob falls). There are shrubs on both side, very peaceful and quiet. I hear birds and the sound of my own feet hitting the dirt, nothing else.

About 11/2 hours after walking I take a short break ( people pass me and it´s okay).
I keep hearing voices below me, there must be a road, but I can´t see it. The voices are sounding familiar, I´m pretty sure it´s the three Amigas ( they never stop talking)! Sure enough, they emerge from the road and join me on the path and I soon pass them.

I stop again for almost 30 minutes and wait for Sally and Katie to catch up. I´m am at the highest point of the Camino (4970 ft). It´s a great place for a picture with my newly found friends. We travel on and the descent is very steep, but the toughest part about it is how rocky it is. I´m moving very slowy and deliberately, this is not a place I want to fall. I make it through without even a stumble and am grateful.

We arrive in a small village, Reijo de Ambros, and check in to the Albergue. There are four of us. Sally, katie, me and another Katie ( from Austraila). It doesn´t take us long to decide that the Albergue is not in good shape. I take one look at the shower and know therĂ© is no way I will stay. Only one problem. It´s another 6km to the next town and it´s already after 3pm. We´ve been walking since 7:30. So, we walk up to the local bar, get a drink and call a taxi. Not one of us feels one bit guilty either!

This Albergue is very clean, wonderful. I´m anticipating a good nights rest.

Until next time...


  1. Terri---for all of us back truly is inspiring watching God answer all of our prayers for your safety and good weather! I have to tell you I kept checking your post today because for some reason i just felt uneasy...maybe it was knowing you had some steep steps in front of you tday...I was very glad to hear you had a good day of walking and no falls...I bet that beer tasted mighty good! i pray you have sweet dreams tonight--sleep well my friend! love ya-angela

  2. I just read your post from yesterday and was inspired by what you learned from your fall. I definitely need to take things a little slower. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your journey. Come home! I miss you.

  3. How nice to enjoy blue sky, a beautiful view, friends, a drink, a taxi, and a clean bed. Nice and simple, huh?

    BTW - I was at your house the other day with the young teens and I stole your book, It's Not About Me. It is really, really good. I'll get it back soon and get my own copy.

    Have a great walk today!


  4. Terri-
    Bill and I just returned from trip to S. Carolina and Georgia last night. I have enjoyed catching up on your trip this AM. You have a wonderful way of writing and I appreciate ,like so many others have said, sharing the experience with us.
    We stay at a hotel in Columbia that has a mile walking trail around a lake- WOW!..I saw great things in the mile...can't imagine all that you are seeing and experiencing over the hundreds of miles....I bet you are getting images printed on your memory that will be with you forever!!!
    Have a wonderful and safe day!