Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ribadiso to Pedrouzo/Arca

The reasons for doing the Camino do not come up with everyone, but a lot of people ask each other. It´s very interesting to hear their reasons... Maybe tomorrow I´ll post about it.

last night was very cold-no heat in the Albergue. I curl up as tight as I can in my sleeping bag with my fleece jacket on top. Every time I move the warmth leaves me. So, I try to be still, it is a very long night.

It starts raining about midnight and continues on till about 7 this morning. There´s just barely a drizzle when I leave the Albergue at 8am, but I still cover up with rain jacket, pants and put my backpack cover on.

Light rain off and on all day, which isn´t too noticeable since I´m walking in a wooded area most of the morning. Then the rain picks up-while I´m out in the open, and we have a really good down pour. I finally find a sizeable tree to hide under during the heaviest part of the rain, then it´s back on the path.

I stop in at a bar for tea and something to eat, and while I´m eating the sun comes out (for the remainder of my walk).

Once again, I go farther than planned. 3.5km before my actual stopping point there is a sign for an Albergue. The path to it, is a tunnel which is covered in mud and water, so I must go on to Arca. The Albergue is very well equipped, my clothes are in the washing machine right now. There is also a nice warm blanket on my bunk- I´m looking forward to a warm night´s sleep!

I´m only 21km from Santiago, but I´m not planning on arriving until Thurdsay.

Until next time...


  1. Terri---i can't believe your time to end and come back home is getting sooo close--i'm sure you'll be having mixed feelings...i'll be praying that your remaining time there is 100x more than you could imagine your last days there...enjoy them...savor them...take in each and every moment...hoping that you get a warm nights sleep! take care- angela

  2. WOW, only 21km from Santiago! It's hard to believe, just yesterday we were sitting in your kitchen looking at the path you where going to be taking on Google earth! Reminds me to savor each moment of everyday - time flies, during good and not so good times. I don't want to miss the moments for the urgent things that are always at my door - you'll have to help me with that! Speaking of at my door, I opened my door this afternoon to grade some tests outside (it's 70F here today and NOT raining) only to greeted by massive numbers of those orangish lady bugs - they are everywhere! They are working hard to get into the house too. I am battling them with my vacuum cleaner! Have a grand and exciting last few k's! Love ya, Shelly

  3. Hi Ter,
    Im praying that all that you expected from this Camino, you recieved it, and much more!New memories & friendships for a lifetime are priceless.Sounds like you developed quite a few. Im sure this won't be your last pilgrimage.I don't know the expense, but, I know it was so worth it!
    Im sure that God enjoyed spending everyday(all day)blessing you with his awesome creations!!! My heart goes out to you as you near the end . Thank you for bringing us along.(for the 100th time):)Stay warm, dry & healthy. Salu..Shalom,JF
    P.S. "Cherish today..Yesterday is but a dream..Tomorrow, a vision of hope.Look to this day for it is life."

  4. I wonder if you'll have a chance to reach the Atlantic Ocean (after Santiago). Perhaps your flight schedule doesn't offer many "free" days, but it would be quite a feat to go from the Mediterrean to the Atlantic.