Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vega de valcarce to Triacestelo- 33km( OUCH)

I have newfound energy after a great nights rest in my own bed, no sounds all night ( not the slightest hint of snoring). I feel that I could wakk forever today. Cold again, but I warm up quickly as I start walking.

Today, as I put on my pack, I start thinking about all the weight I am carrying. It´s much heavier than when I started. I´ve add a few essentials, like food and hair conditioner. I carry this pack ( burden) every day, and it´s to the point that I don´t notice it that much. Sure, sometimes it gets uncomfortable, or I get numb across my hip, but then I just adjust it and it feels okay again. Almost like another appendage that belongs on my body. I´ve even added some foam sponges to the front to make it more comfortable.

In life, too, we carry burdens, baggage ( whatever you want to call it). We get used to it, think we can´t put it down, even make adjustments to make it more comfortable. Pretty crazy when you think about it!

In all actuality, I could do this trip with only my passport, money and clothes on my back. I´m sure I´d clear out a few Albergues-they might smell me coming... but it could be done.
And so, life, can be done without the burdens ( from the past or the ones we accumulate on a daily basis). It´s just figuring out how to put them down, and not pick them back up again. You may think you don´t have any of those burdens, maybe you´ve just gotten used to carrying them, and you don´t notice anymore.

Wow! lots of climbing today, the inclines never stop and I don´t want to, for fear of losing my momentum.
I get to the top , pass a stream and see a shirt, jacket and pants on a rock drying in the sun. No one in sight, not even a pack. He must be in the bushes, waiting for his clothes to dry watching me pass by.

More and more climbing... I hear panting ( lamaz breathing) coming up behind me on this never-ending hill. I´m not sure if someone is climbing or having a baby! He finally passes me- I guess lamaze (sp?) isn´t just for birthing anymore!

Sorry for the long post, but it was a 33km day! I really didn´t plan it that way, thought it was more like 28. Those who know me, know that math is not my strong point!

I could keep going, but won´´t, I´m absolutely beat. That will be my last 33km day!

Until next time...


  1. Terri

    Glad to finally read your blog. Very cool. Love the baggage thoughts. How true it is! Sometimes we don't even know we are carrying it because we get so used to its burden. Freedom in Christ is an amazing and undeserved gift

    Dave T

  2. if only we could get to the point where we have a little "tape recorder" that we could play thru out the day reminding us to just drop it and leave it for God...i guess we really do have one, the spirit God gave us...we just need to listen to it more often and use it! I know you will be sleeping well tonight! Just a little laugh for you...i got asked the other nite at weds devo to help w. a song "love one another"...i just had to laugh and think of you sitting there with your fingers in your ears blocking out my "noise"...thankfully for all attending i politely declined! who knows one day...maybe... have sweet dreams! love ya. angela

  3. Hey Ter, the long post was great! Congrats on walking 33km! You will be in top shape when we see you!(start doing marathons!)Thanx for the life lessons(you should be a teacher:o) I believe we each have our own "pilgrimage "right here,right now.Yours is of course,more beautiful& peaceful. Ours is what we make of it!O well...One step @ a time!!Love you. Shalom..Judy P.S. Harriet said Hello!

  4. On Google Maps it looks like you're clearing the mountains. Now the trail shouldn't be so up-and-down. 33 km (20 miles) is remarkable. How do you know how far you've gone each day?

  5. Very thought provoking. It makes one wonder - do we even know what burdens we are carrying? We may have carried some so long that they just feel like another necessary appendage. Is this thing a part of me, or is it something I could lay down if I had the courage?